Training in sustainable building as a solution against deforestation. Alternative and accessible techniques to preserve biodiversity

I'm Hanta, President of the Madaterre association.

Our association aims to train in sustainable building as a solution to poverty, deforestation and thereby preserve biodiversity.

As part of this crowdfunding campaign, our project is to help sustainable building in the island of Madagascar. Despite being one of the richest country in natural resources, Madagascar is amongst the poorest countries in the world. Poverty in Madagascar destroys its fauna, flora and biodiversity.

The generalized construction methods of wood fired bricks are largely responsible for the massive deforestation of the Highlands of the island. However, 90% of the species found in Madagascar's forests are endemic. This unique biodiversity in the world is endangered. Our project consists in helping the Madagascans to preserve this wealth which is part of our universal heritage.

After 6 years of investment, we developed alternative techniques which are accessible to many people. Our work resulted in several prototype houses with specific reproductibility criteria and a low ecological footprint We have already used our cash reserves for the start and the project progress.Today we need you.

Our main missions
  • Work on the design of new sustainable and ecological habitats,
  • Train and transmit our discoveries through theoretical and practical training programs on the field.
A Madaterre vault house has maximum advantages, it is:
  • Ecological: Construction without wood or imported materials (corrugated sheets metal, cement or steel).
  • Economic: Lower cost of structural works and revival of the local economy through the use of local labor and materials.
  • Durable: thick walls and a rain and wind resistant roof. It can be transmitted from generation to generation with a minimum of maintenance.
  • Comfortable: a functional house, with good acoustic and thermal insulation as well as aesthetic finishes.
  • Easy to duplicate: Simplified and standardized technique which is easily reproducible.

Contact : +33762054992

Email :  assomadaterre@gmail.com

President : Mrs RAKOTOARIVELO Hantarivah

Big  thank  you